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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Never give a sword to a man who can't dance

Confucius said that.
A man who can't dance is self-conscious and lacks inner strength.
Erwin McManus mentioned that it refers to inner strength coming from inner peace.
Interesting thought. I'm tempted to agree.
A man without inner peace can be strong, but his strength is shown his reactions.
He will lash out in anger or fight. He is quick to defend himself to what he sees as personal attacks.
A man with inner peace is strong. His strength is shown by is lack of reaction. He is quick to dismiss such things as they are a waste of his time and do not offer a place to show love.

Jesus exemplified this by a thing called meekness.
By no means was Jesus weak. Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is strength under complete control.

If I cannot control my anger, I am weak.
If I cannot control my reactions, I am weak.
If I cannot control my tongue, I am weak.
If I cannot control myself, I am weak.

I know it stings, but truth is truth.
I've realized that Jesus was setting an example for us when He chose not to respond to allegations made by the Pharisees and the "paid witnesses" who were lying about Him.

With His lack of action, Jesus was saying, "If you are truthful and honest, you do not have to defend yourself". The lies will eventually be found out and those who accused you will be found to be wrong.
However, the fact that you did not argue or defend yourself will provide them a road back to fellowship with you.

Meditate on these things.


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